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Birchtree Studio Owner & Photographer

Info About Mia Ulmer

When my brother was in college, he sent me a letter where he recalls a conversation he had with our grandmother years prior.  He remembers her telling him that I have "eagle eyes" and I see things most people do not and I see them in incredibly unique ways. 

I most enjoy photographing kids of all ages.  They are so genuinely themselves all of the time.  I truly admire that.  I love having my camera ready and then snapping when I feel the moment is right to capture something beautiful.

I am patient and fun, I connect especially well with people. I am continually told how well I put people at ease and that working with me is quite enjoyable.  My work speaks for itself.


Education & Experience

My career has always drawn me to work closely with people, especially kids and teenagers.  I have been a camp director for many years.  I come from a long history of educators in my family and my Master's in Experiential Education is an asset in my photography career.  It has taken me a while to commit to my life-long passion for photography.  I love it more every day.


Since November of 2005, my partner, Julianne, and I have been parents and absolutely love it.  There is nothing I have experienced that comes close to being such an intense part of another's life.  Beginning so small and as kids strive for independence, I enjoy watching the learning occur so consistently minute after minute.  I am moved by the awesome responsibility and experience of parenthood time and time again.  I love photography nearly this much as well.  We now have 2 boys and love that it evens out the boys and girls in our home.


Part of what I love about parenting is seeing the moments of life unfold.  I love permanently recording those moments with a camera.  I love capturing the moments of life that are precious in their own way.  Whether it is an expression, a yearning for something, a moment of pure love caught at the right time, the act of discovery on a face, the first kiss of a committed couple, a pregnant belly or the first smile of a child, I enjoy every aspect of this work.


When I Discovered Photography

I remember vividly when I was 8 years old, my brother and cousins got cameras as a gift and I could not wait to open mine.  However, I did not get a camera.  Although I was disappointed, I knew enough about people that I should not seem disappointed and that I should be grateful for what I did get. (scroll down bar on left)  

A few years later, my parents bought me a Polaroid Instamatic and although I used it a lot, I still wanted something different.  Having spent a lot of time in the darkroom in Middle School, I really wanted to get a better camera.  After saving some money, I purchased my first camera when I was in 7th grade from my Industrial Arts student teacher.  It is a fully manual 35mm Olympus OM-1.  Although I have gone digital, I still love it and will always keep it.


Equipment Specifics

I photograph with Canon digital equipment, as the quality of my equipment is superior to film as is the ability to edit and retouch.  


I welcome questions and comments, so please feel free to contact me.



My home studio is located at:

1353 Pinetree Lane

St. Louis, MO  63119